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BHSS10 HMI Goodyear Sole stitching Machine

The NEW BHSS10/HMi rebuild runs effortlessly at 1200 stitches per minute and hosts a level of innovative upgrades. 
A rebuild from ESM costs half the price of a new machine, it takes hundreds of hours and new components. The result – faster, stronger and more reliable performance. 
Call For More Info: +44 (0)1536 483583
Enquire About This Machine
The European Shoe Machinery Co. Ltd have various offers available including; order more than one rebuild at a time and receive a discount; part exchange deals and rebuilding customers existing machines.

Supercharged performance with unbelievable new innovations deliver quality at top speed. 
  • Human machine interface for speed settings up to 1200 stitches per minute 
  • Groundbreaking Neetronic™ control system enabling ultra-high throughput on all types of Welted, veldschoen and threadlasted footwear 
  • Stitch length never varies and can be set by the operator to produce between 3 and 16 stitches per inch 
  • Upgrade delivers a very tight seam with absolute regularity in the depth of the thread lock. 
  • Powered servo Mitsubishi motor effortlessly delivers up to 1200 stitches a minute while being unbelievable smooth and quiet 
  • Optional Sensornomic footplate reduces operator fatigue